Nursery Maintenance

Once the plants are on the weedmat the care for them must continue for a few more months. The plants need caring for in order to be delivered to the customer in the very best quality possible.

There is hardly a weed growing as the teams flush through the nursery daily removing the pest species. This is a remarkable aspect of Kauri Park as the flow on effect will reach the customer in their maintenance if no weed seeds are to accompany the plants at the time of delivery.

Hong Li and Rachael weeding in the native tree specimen block

The weeds surround the blocks must be neutralized before they have the potential to spread their seeds. Rene is spraying with herbicide.


The maintenance team are working full time on the infrastructure and the working parts of the nursery. Items such as irrigation, that Matt is fixing here, during summer months is paramount to have running without any operational glitches. One hot windy day in summer for a seedling without water will kill the plant. Multiply this by a few million and you will realize how seriously we take nursery maintenance. The irrigation is monitored 24/7 during summer.

Electric solenoid operated taps control when and where and for how long the sprinklers water the plants. This is run by a central controller and programs that has various settings throughout the seasons. These variations range from hot windy days to frost control.

One of the thousands of good working order sprinkler’s that is monitored by the maintenance crew.

Early morning irrigation before a hot summer’s day on our precious plants.

Royston the Production Manager during his daily routine monitoring of the maintenance crew.