Off-site Strategy Days

Every year the Sales, Marketing, Operations and Administration teams come together for a day at a site away from the nursery. This day is purely for brain-storming and thinking outside the square.

Every department of Kauri Park is analysed and the status quo is challenged. This day is fun and no suggestion is discounted. The idea is to have a confirmed strategy by the end of the day for following year. These days are held in late January or early February. The reason being is that this time of the year is the quiet before the storms and whirlwinds of the dispatch season.

We come together with focused and honest minds to review the past year and how to improve what is ahead…and we are allowed to relax a little.

2015 – Rotoroa Island

Rotoroa Island is and always will be one of Kauri Park’s favourite places. We have been very privileged to have played our part in the amazing restoration of this Hauraki Gulf gem.

This was Kauri Parks’ first venture into the day away from the premises for this purpose. What we had figured was, it would be good to get together in a different setting and to see what would be drawn out as a team.

The meeting room was small but perfect.

The catering team was ourselves but it tasted good all the same…and we knew the chef!

We came away from the day with plenty to reflect on going into 2015 and what extra was needed to reach our goals. This was a good start and something we felt important to carry forward into subsequent years.

2016 – Villa Maria

Our first lesson that we learnt about a strategy day with a team, is that the venue should have enough services especially catering so that we could concentrate on the strategies and goals without having to worry about off-focus tasks.

The next venue we chose was the well-known Villa Maria Winery in Auckland. This is a great venue for this type of occasion. The catering was fantastic and there is plenty of room for the outdoor break-out sessions in our smaller teams.

The day was a success and we headed into 2016 with fresh drive and determination and with some new direction.

2017 – Riverside Matakana

This year we met at a beautiful place called “Riverside” in Matakana. The facility, service and food were great and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

Setting out the vision and direction of 2017 in the venue conference room

Working on key tasks in small groups

The Customer Service Team and the Logistics Team leaders preparing for what is always a very hectic 8 months following the day. It is this team that will be receiving the whirlwind of emails and phone calls and be expected to dance on the head of a pin. Kauri Park view this team as an extension of our clients as they seek to integrate between the sales and the customer.

The sales team looking for opportunities and strategies for 2017.

The finance managers’ looking at ways to present critical information to the company and how to “get the boat going faster”.

We have a plan for 2017!


2018 – Soljans Winery

On Feb 1st we got together at Soljans Winery in Kumeu to align our strategy for 2018. We named the day “Crafting the Future of Kauri Park”. As previous years this day was great fun and all ideas were open for discussion. Along with reviewing 2017 we looked closely at the coming 12 months, and a snapshot of what the next 36-month period may bring.


The conference room at Soljan’s winery. With great discussion rooms, service and food – we have all voted this to be the best venue we have used yet!

Along with reviewing 2017 many new ideas were thrashed out by the team. Large and small, nothing was discounted.

Morning tea break, a few minutes to catch up and recharge both the physical and mental batteries.

And Team photos … the part of the day that everybody likes best!

Thanks and good bye Soljans. We have the direction and alignment needed for another year and some exciting improvements ahead of us.