Seed collection

Seed collection is a very key activity at Kauri Park.

18 – 24 months prior to a plant delivery, Grant and his seed collection team gather the many precious seeds which are the start of the whole cycle.

Our Seed collection team work in all of the main ecological regions of New Zealand, ensuring we have correctly eco-sourced seed for projects as they arise.

View our Seed collection team in action:

Seed collection – Vitex lucens (Puriri):

In warmer regions, flowers and fruit can be found on the Vitex (Puriri) all year round, making it particularly attractive to hungry birds.

This photo shows the red berries on the tree, they are ripe and ready for collection. Each pink fruit contains one rough textured stone, the fruit turn black when they fall to the ground but are no less viable.

Once the berries have been picked, Grant will bring them back to the nursery to complete the rest of the propagation cycle.

Seed collection – Spinifex sericeus:

Spinifex is a creeping grass found on sand dunes. The leaves are 30-60cm long and are covered with silky hairs which give the foliage a silvery appearance.

The female Spinifex has a distinctive spiny seed head that blows like tumbleweed across the sand. Each seed head would contain around 200 spines, not all spines will contain formed seed.

This photo shows a single spine, the spine is approx. 15cm long with a single seed just above its base.

This photo shows a single spinifex seed, they are approx 7.5mm long and half the width.

Grant has collected a sack full of the Spinifex seed heads, they are now brought back to the nursery for extraction and to go through the rest of the propagation process.

Seed collection – Apodasmia similis/ Leptocarpus similus (Jointed wire rush, oioi):

The Apodasmia (Oioi) is mainly found in coastal areas, estuaries, saltmarshes, dunes and sandy flats and hollows. It is occasionally inland in gumland scrub, along lake margins, fringing peat bogs or surrounding hot springs.  This photo shows some of the remote locations which our Seed collectors work in.

When collecting Apodasmia seed, Grant will either scrape the seed off the rush at the collection site …

… or cut some of the reeds and take them back to the nursery for extraction and to follow through the propagation process.