Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters Programme

Posted on July 31, 2019

Driven by the vision of sparkling rivers with landscaped banks, kayakers paddling leisurely in the streams with clean waterways flowing into the picturesque lakes, Singapore has undertaken the challenge of transforming into a City of Gardens and Water. ​​

Over the years, Singapore has gradually developed network of about 8,000km of waterways and 17 reservoirs for water supply. To realise the full potential of this water infrastructure Public Utilities Board PUB has launched the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme in 2006. It is a strategic initiative to improve the quality of water and life by harnessing the full potential of their waterbodies. ​​

Singapore is about the same size as Lake Taupo. Approximately 40km long by 20km wide and is home to 5.6 million people. Understandably green spaces are a premium!

By integrating the drains, canals and reservoirs with the surrounding environment in a holistic way, the ABC Waters Programme aims to create beautiful and clean streams, rivers, and lakes with postcard-pretty community spaces for all to enjoy. ​​

Kauri Park worked with Marina Technology & Construction MTC, in 2009/2010 creating a large Floating Wetland surrounding an amazing walkway in the Sungei Punggol Waterway in the north of Singapore. The Sengkang Floating Wetland in Punggol Reservoir helps improve the water quality and provides a natural habitat for birds and fishes. Boardwalks bring people closer to enjoy the scenic views and learn about the wetland ecosystem. The floating wetland also provides a seamless connection between the Anchorvale Community Club, Sengkang Sports Complex and the Sengkang Riverside Park. The reservoir is an old estuary that has an ocean outfall gate allowing the capture of fresh water for supply and recreation. This project perfectly fits within the ABC program.

The Floating Wetland and walkways rise and fall 2.5m on the attached piles


The Floating Wetland is now a decade old and is a popular feature with the locals with the floating platform and Mangosteen shelter. The Mangosteen is called the Queen of Fruit in South East Asia.

Mangosteen shelter and Orange seats

The natural habitat provided by the wetland has attracted many forms of insects and birds, fish, turtles and frogs. The favourite of Kauri Parks’ when we were building the project was the 1.2m long Monitor Lizard along with the many smaller Monitors. The floating platforms were perfect habitat and camouflage for them. With the floating wetlands providing a perfect habitat for abundant fish life we now have a resident family of Otters:

Tropical wetland habitat

Last month Kauri Park have been up in Singapore with Marina Technology & Construction and the Public Utilities Board PUB finalising the detailed design of the next Floating wetland in the Jurong Lake in the south of Singapore. This project has been in trial and development stages over the past decade. Kauri Parks’ Floating Wetland Technology was awarded the contract earlier this year.

Vincent Mouille from MTC (right) and Thane Kay from Kauri Park

The installation will take the next 8 months to complete in two stages. We will update you as the project is completed about this exciting opportunity.

Kauri Park has a network internationally of floating treatment wetland providers. We are helping to improve water quality and spread the clean water message globally.