Ararimu Riparian Stream Planting Project

Posted on October 30, 2017

Evergreen Landcare purchased a 158 hectare agricultural property in the Ararimu District in June 2016.

This farm property had the potential for a subdivision. The resource consent required approximately 22 hectares of stream riparian planting to be established to qualify for the creation of an additional 8 titles to maximise the potential number of titles in the subdivision. Fortunately there was 4-5 hectares of existing native bush which were able to be included as part of the enormous task of establishing the first 17 hectares of bush as quickly as possible.

Evergreen Landcare got Kauri Park involved in the project early on in the piece. This has been instrumental in achieving the good result to date. We purchased over 170,000 native plants from Kauri Park and the service Kauri Park provided with transport and customer service, helped get the plants to site on a timely manner and in the ground effectively. All the plants were of great quality and health which has contributed to the exponential growth we have experienced in the first year. As you can see in the photos, great results achieved after just one year, especially the Manuka which are flowering already. As a result, Evergreen Landcare are hopeful of being in a position to gain Council sign off for achieving canopy closure for 70 % of the project, by late 2017. The speed at which the plants have established is not only rapidly providing for an environmentally sustainable farm with clean water running through the streams, but has also been of significant financial advantage by allowing us to start subdividing and pre selling sections 1-2 years earlier than we had originally budgeted. We would have no hesitation in recommending Kauri Park in supplying plants for a project of this nature in the future.

By Ben Cunningham



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