Fieldays Online 2020

Posted on July 9, 2020

After the 2019 Fieldays the Mystery Creek team were in discussion with the planning group for preparing for 2020. One of the subjects that arose was what would happen if the site was closed and people couldn’t physically attend the show.

The discussion proved to be very pertinent because a few months later, Covid arrived and cancelled all conferences and shows including the largest agriculture Fieldays in the Southern Hemisphere, our very own Mystery Creek.

The Mystery Creek team quickly put a digital and virtual concept together and went out to their clients for feedback. The concept is new and there are no other agricultural Fieldays that anyone could glean ideas and market research from. The only exhibitions to look at was a small number of car shows in Europe.

There is a good interview here:

This is the first in the world. Go NZ! The Fieldays Online goes live on July 13th and runs for 2 weeks until the 26th. There is even international interest and exhibitors, which demonstrates the excellence of the concept.

Go to the site now and register early:

Kauri Park have endorsed the Fieldays Online and are currently setting up a site. In fact, most of last year’s exhibitors are going to be there again this year. It is very exciting and new, and Kauri Park are passionate about helping New Zealand forward in the Primary Industries sector.

What we would like to do is ask all of our customers to take some time to go and visit the Fieldays Online 2020. Please give the concept support and honest feedback. The Primary Industries sector of NZ is the backbone of the country. It is the sector poised to get NZ out of the pending recession that will come upon us at the end of the year. The Primary Industries of NZ are full of world leading ideas and inventions. There is huge focus on the environment and how we can produce food and fibre in a sustainable way and be recognized on the world stage for doing so. The other area that is advancing fast here is robotics and automation. This is a truly fascinating space to go and visit.

There is an interesting concept being passed around in a number of influencing circles, and is being discussed in places like the UK and Europe. The concept is biodiversity credits. Some large organisations such as UNESCO are going to look at environmental behaviors of food and fibre producers. There is no hiding with the satellite technology that is readily available. In the not too distant future, companies will have to prove that they are making continual progress on protecting the environment to be able to remain in the international market. The other interesting point to note is that in these parts of the globe, NZ is regarded as very clean and green. This is what we preach but maybe a little more is needed to walk the talk.

Clean and Green is not new to NZ. Look at the Taranaki Regional Council. They have planted over 90% of their waterways. They are an example of excellence and are now getting international recognition. Drill down a little deeper and you can find that one of the largest potato growers have been planting up their waterways for over a decade now. The have a visionary team and are ahead in their thinking. The world is watching us now and these companies and practices will be rewarded.

Ian Proudfoot is the KPMG Global Head of AG agribusiness. He is an interesting person to follow as he is in touch with the global scene and delivers good insights as to where we sit internationally. We can be thankful that he operates out of NZ.

He has an interesting editorial and it is clear that the world is in fast paced change and NZ could benefit from that through our Primary Industries. He makes a good statement about the opportunities that are ours to go after:

In these unprecedented times, businesses that are too cautious are more likely to wither and die Their timid response will likely reflect an organisational culture that fails to enable them to read the world in front of them as it is, rather than as they believe it should be.

Find it here:

Come along to Fieldays Online 2020. Please visit our site and tell us what you think. We haven’t gone to the elite levels of live virtual interaction, but we will be personally there in a digital form demonstrating our understanding of the space we are experts in. We’re excited and this may open up thinking around ways to reach out to our customers.

See you at Mystery Creek Online soon.

PS: The parking will be a breeze and you can leave the gumboots at the back door.