Half a Million Plants a Week

Posted on September 4, 2019

It is the middle of planting season and Kauri Park are sending over 500,000 plants a week out the gates.

This is a logistical challenge that is driven by the customer and their success in implementing projects on time with highest quality. Our client’s success is what is driving our trucks out the gate every morning.

The months of Winter and Spring is the peak workload time for our Customer Service Team. All our resources are fully tapped in a very full daily schedule.

Daily Schedule:

3:30am – 4:30am Trucks leave the depot for the day heading for their first delivery

5:30am – 6:00pm The customer service team are scheduling, and re-scheduling truckloads of plants and the delivery drop points.

Shelley from Customer Service


6:00am – 7:00am The first team arrives to begin picking plants from the nursery and transport 10 trailers up to dispatch.

Quinten is the Packing Co-ordinator

7:00am – 5:30pm 190 trailer loads of plants, 300 trolleys labelled and loaded into orders. Over 100 tons of plants handled by multiple touch points every day.

Processing 200 trailer loads of plants each day onto 300 trolleys


The Unseen Workforce Assisting our Clients:

Our clients receive their plants from our delivery services each day on time but preceding this delivery is some hard work and planning by the unseen workers that are part of the team out in the nursery doing the hard graft every day. By saying this team, we mean our clients have the backing of our team to grow a quality plant for their projects for when and where they need them.

Packing 1,500 shelves a day


This time of the year being the early spring has the most unpredictable weather patterns. Huge localised rain events can quickly turn a job site into a rained off zone. The follow on from this is the delaying of an order by a day or sometimes more. Spare a thought for the logistics team who have truckloads and delivery drops scheduled in advance only to receive a call to change the delivery date. Rarely sometimes a similar sized order can be slotted into the truckload as a replacement delivery, but mostly it is back to the customer service team to find another solution. Most days the Customer Service Team are constantly juggling a moving target before locking in and communicating the delivery to the clients.

The Sales and Logistics teams in planning for the week ahead


We are a 30Ha warehouse. Kauri Park views the nursery as a big warehouse with shelving. The weedmat and irrigation areas are the shelves. Our shelf life is different to many warehouses in the fact that our stock sits on the shelves for a year rather than a few weeks. It is a very seasonal shelving system. We spend six months filling the shelves with millions of plants and then the following six months picking them back onto trailers again to be packed out.

The nursery is mostly emptied of plants for the 2019 planting season


Kauri Park has built the nursery model to be an optimum service provider for our customers who are implementing the planting and installation of greening NZ. We like to portray our nursery, it’s people and systems as an extension to the landscape sector. Kauri Park understands the needs of the landscaper and the planting crews. Kauri Park understands the need for minimal or zero downtime for the planting crews. Kauri Park understands the need for our clients to have an easy point of contact within the Customer Service Team to assist with daily workload planning.

Anton & Ocean Tierney are one of the picking teams – NOTE: for all those following the Farah Palmer Cup; keep an eye out for Ocean playing for Counties Manukau!


Kauri Park is extremely busy right now growing and greening NZ by over 500,000 plants a week.