Making Movies

Posted on May 30, 2016

Kauri Park has been making movies. The excitement of being on camera for all the world to see was actually more difficult than it looks. It was plenty of fun though.

Kauri Park has invested in a Phantom 3 drone and the digital era (so far more error than era) so that you can get some impression of the scale of our operation and why we are able to deliver plants to you in great condition and on time. Our idea was to try and bring you to us and into our day-to-day lives, here at Kauri Park.

There are a few of us who would have to be classed as amateurs at this point, but we are cautiously confident that our movie making skills will improve as time goes on. I actually should mention that we are onto the Phantom 3 – No 2. The reason we are now flying our second drone has to do with a plant species called Eucalyptus: mature Eucalyptus that is, and quite tall.

As we often say here at Kauri Park, we are more than just growing plants. We are connected to some amazing projects, people and scenery. Our seed collectors go to some very remote areas of this beautiful country. Our truck drivers come home with many fantastic stories about their journeys. Some of the landscape projects we supply are set in world class stunning scenery.

We have started by filming a selection of 5 key areas of our company.

Go ahead and click on the link to take you to our Growing and Greening NZ videos.

We’re also happy to forward you a quote if you’re requiring movie directors, actors, script writers, or camera crew!