Multi-Purpose Garden

Posted on January 29, 2015

A standout garden is one that not only looks the part but plays the part too. In the middle of the rolling green pastures of the Waikato, is a garden jewel that catches the eye from the roadside and radiates both simplicity and functionality.

The garden’s bright red colours, contrasting with dark purples, verdant greens, silvers, fawny browns and creamy colours, make this garden stand out from the surrounding countryside.

While its real beauty is its form and function, this garden is also low maintenance and helps with the dispersal of sewage via the trickle lines.

The main garden features the prominent coloured Phormiums, bordered on the lower side of the bank with upright Coprosma and Corokia species, Muehlenbekia astonii, Dodonaea viscosa (Akeake) and Plagianthus. The lawn side is bordered with low growing Buxus sempervirens. Surrounding the Phormiums are clumps of Hebe, Carex testacea and prostrate Coprosma species.

The area is mulched with pine shavings for weed control and dispersal of household sewage.

The total plant palette includes Phormium Evening Glow, Phormium Rainbow Maiden, Phormium Dark Delight, Coprosma Clearwater Gold, Corokia Little Prince, Muehlenbeckia astonii, Dodonaea viscosa, Plagianthus divaricatus, Coprosma taiko, Coprosma acerosa, Carex testacea, Hebe Marie Antoinette, Hebe Wiri Mist, Chionochloa flavicans and Buxus sempervirens.

The garden located at the back of the house features Loropetalum burgundy, and Hymenosporum Gold Nugget, with clumps of Carex Frosted Curls, Carex buchananii and Carex flagellifera bronze covering the top of the bund.

Each species has been planted in blocks of 3 to 10 plants to create visual impact, and for the homeowner, the easy-to-care-for-garden only requires minor hand weeding.