Myrtle Rust

Posted on June 23, 2017

Myrtle rust is a fungal disease that affects plants in the myrtle family. Kauri Park grows plants that are from this family including Manuka, Kanuka and Pohutukawa.

This fungus is thought to have arrived in New Zealand as spores via wind probably from Australia and the Islands in the Pacific Ocean to our north.

Myrtle Rust is controllable in the nursery environment and Kauri Park have a number of biosecurity measures they use to stop this fungus from ever entering the nursery and also from transferring the spores. The biosecurity standards practiced are those established by the Plant Producer association NZPPI. These measures have been endorsed by MPI.

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Kauri Park has the following biosecurity measures that we practice along with the high professional hygiene and growing standards that can give security to our clients that Myrtle Rust is not in the nursery.

  1. Kauri Park is not open to the public and has a locked gate. Only with permission can visitors enter the nursery site. This reduces the risk of contamination and allows full traceability of movements in and out of the site.
  2. A fungicide program is routinely applied. The right systemic fungicides are used and this is recorded for our own records and for the clients use should this be necessary.
  3. All shipments of plants are accompanied with a packing slip that has the fungicide records attached as a declaration. This process is the industry standards set out by NZPPI about transporting plants and Kauri Park encourage their clients to become familiar with these and also practice or enforce these protocols as part of protecting the NZ environment.
  4. All Myrtaceae species are regularly inspected in the nursery and as they pass through dispatch. The staff at Kauri Park are trained to look for the fungus.
  5. Kauri Park has its own transport fleet for plant deliveries. We do not share these trolleys or our trucks with any other nursery therefore reducing the risk of cross contamination. It is essentially a closed loop delivery between our clients and the nursery.
  6. All plant trolleys and trucks are washed and disinfected after every delivery.

Kauri Park view biosecurity extremely seriously and have taken all necessary and MPI endorsed steps to control Myrtle Rust.