Never Leave the Playground

Posted on March 29, 2019

Our supply of plants into projects covers many spectrums of end uses. Manuka for the honey industry, revegetation for water quality and the environment, Griselinea littoralis for every hedge in Auckland, nearly, Lomandra Tanika for every car park, nearly, because they work. While these projects are important and valuable, they are also similar to each other in their groups.

Every so often a project stands out from the rest and Royal Reserve in West Auckland is one of those. This is a project that Decker Landscapes were awarded and Kauri Park helped with the plant supply. This project is in Massey and is a really cool playground with custom built towers, bike tracks, basketball courts and a 2m wide slide. The park has been designed to cater for all ages and the community around. The reaction from the community has been huge and Royal Reserve is much loved and well used.

An urban playground is not a haphazard design and must take great skill by great minds. There is colour, there is imagination, there is safety and there is structural resilience. Added to this is a much wider benefit that we take for granted; there is health.

A big part of the design is the social wellbeing that these playgrounds provide. As part of the Auckland Council being committed to be the most liveable city in the world is the aim of having people participating in sport or recreation from 79% now up to 90% in 2040. This 30-year plan means we are never to leave the playground.

Studies show that sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to your health. It can be a struggle to get children to sit still for too long and it can be a struggle to get adults out of the chair and exercising. The flow on effect of improved health is less burden on society and smarter people.

Vitamin D has often been linked to happiness and vitality but is now believed that a lack of vitamin D is linked to many cancers. Get outside and never leave the playground.

Using the left and right hands during exercise or just playing on the playground develops braincells. It is fact that using your non-dominant hand grows the brain and improves our memory and gets the creative portion of our brain working.

Developing and using our large muscles and especially the leg muscles has a direct positive impact on our nervous health. The first obvious benefit is the increase of oxygen transfer in our blood stream but by using our leg muscles we release nerve protecting compounds. Never leave the playground.

The older generation spending time with the younger generation having “fun” is a huge benefit to society and one that is precious to us all.

At Kauri Park we often will say that we are more than just growing plants. We are about a far wider scope than this. We are about making urban spaces green and attractive. We are about enhancing the lives of others. We are part of a fun and cool project that has a 2m wide slide.