Our Partners: Local and Regional Councils, Developers, Surveyors, Planners, Ecologists, Landscape architects, Land owners, Farmers, Landscaping contractors

Build sustainable communities by balancing development with New Zealand’s natural resources, and minimising environmental impact.

As New Zealand continues to grow, we can work with you to plan, project manage and achieve sustainable environmental solutions.

We are committed to natural resource management, and overcoming challenges to protect, conserve, enhance and revegetate New Zealand’s unique natural environment. Our eco-sourcing expertise and practices mean you can be confident that you are supporting the local environment.

Achieve a spot-on result with our flexible and unwavering service: from planning and selection advice to project management and precise, reliable delivery.

We are price competitive and pride ourselves on delivering lasting value with healthy, resilient plants that are grown to last in different climates and conditions across the country.

We offer a planting service through specialized revegetation contractors for rural subdivisions, consent based plantings and Manuka plantations. Our team is dedicated and experienced, and will travel to any region of New Zealand to plant a project. If your project is outside of these stipulations, we can refer to you to a reputable landscaping contractor to project manage and implement the landscaping for you.

Kauri Park has many unique features which are not replicated anywhere else in the industry, including our eco-tray, the nursery location, plant quality and above all our team containing a wealth of knowledge and experience. These features are vital to the success of your greening project. We’re simply invested in your success and reputation, helping you create a welcoming space that people will enjoy and admire.


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How Many Plants have Kauri Park Grown?

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... the first trees of our original purchase from KPN are now well established and requiring no maintenance. They have transformed what were weed infested gullies and degraded wetland into nature reserves abundant with birdlife. Kauri Park have always carried out the planting to a high standard and supplied vigorous stock that perform, compete well against weeds and withstand adverse conditions

Chris Balle | Balle Bros Group – director

...the plants supplied have always been true to form and sufficient size, enhancing the visual quality of our projects. The plants supplied have been good hardy plants which suit the harsh motorway environments and can fend for themselves once put in the ground ...

Rick Gardner