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Blechnum novae-zealandiae (kiokio)

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Blechnum novae-zealandiae is a common fern found throughout New Zealand. It is frequently seen on the roadside banks and in forest gullies as well as in scrub and swamp. Until recently it was simply known as Blechnum sp 1 and with two other recently described species, has also been called B. Capense. The kiokio is an attractive creeping fern with drooping oval sterile fronds which can grow to as much as 3m long and 30cm or more wide. The slightly leathery, long narrow pointed leaflets are a shiny deep green, with very finely toothed margins and have a rather crinkled look. The fertile fronds are generally shorter , with thread-like leaflets. New growth has red tones, particularly when grown in more open sites. This is a hardy and easily grown fern that looks very attractive on a bank. Will grow in shade or quite open sites as long as there is ample moisture, and being a good coloniser, it can be used as groundcover in suitable situations.



Shrubs 1.5 m
2 m  




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