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Dacrycarpus dacrydioides (kahikatea, white pine)

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Dacrycarpus dacrydioides, commonly known as kahikatea, is found in forests of both the North Islands and the South Islands, usually in swampy areas. Kahikatea is our tallest native tree, towering as high as 65m. It can be accommodated in a large garden, making an attractive specimen tree growing to about 9m after 20 years. Juvenile trees have drooping needle-like foliage with a bronze tinge, while on adult trees the leaves are dark green compressed scales. Small oblong pollen-bearing cones are carried on male trees, and in autumn female trees bear the seeds on small bright red fruit, which are appealing to native birds. Kahikatea appreciates some shade when young. It is an excellent choice for swampy areas, being quite happy with wet feet. Propagation by seed or cuttings.


Trees 30 m
10 m  




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