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Dysoxylum spectabile (kohekohe)

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Dysoxylum spectabile, commonly known as kohekohe, natural range is from North Cape to Nelson, in coastal and lowland forests. It is a handsome tree, growing 5-10m, often with the smooth greyish brown trunk forming small buttresses at the base. The leaves are made up of large oval glossy green leaflets that are prominently veined and have paler undersides. They are arranged pinnately, with 3-4 pairs and a terminal leaflet. Small waxy white flowers arise in loose panicles directly from the branches and trunk in early winter. The fruit take 15 months to ripen, when they split to reveal the scarlet capsules that contain the seed. Male and female flowers are borne on separate trees, so a female tree is required to obtain fruit. Provide shade, shelter and a good moist soil for best results. Frost tender. Propagation by seed.


Trees 8 m
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