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Pittosporum crassifolium (karo)

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Pittosporum crassifolium, commonly known as karo, is a New Zealand native found along forest margins or along banks of streams from North Cape to Poverty Bay. Forms a large shrub or small tree with dark brown bark. New shoots white felted, leaves elliptic or obovate to 75 x 24mm, dark green glaborous leathery, white or buff tomentose beneath, margins entire and rolled under. Flowers 12mm across, produced in small terminal clusters from spring through midsummer, areĀ dark crimson to purple coloured with yellow anthers. Their scentĀ fills the evening air with rich fragrance. Seed capsules 2-3cm across, light grey at first, bursting open autumn and winter to reveal black shiny seeds embedded in a sticky substance.


Trees 5 m
3 m  




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