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Pittosporum eugenioides (lemonwood, tarata)

Product Description

Pittosporum eugenioides, commonly known as lemonwood, is one of the larger growing New Zealand Pittosporums, found in lowland and subalpine forests of both Islands. Leaves elliptic to elliptic-oblong, to 14 x 4cm, semi glossy pale green, delicately veined almost white midrib, margins wavy or undulating. When bruised, leaves emit a distinct lemon fragrance. Pale yellow, 12mm, richly scented flowers formĀ in large terminal sprays from spring through midsummer followed by yellowish fruit, black and wrinkled when ripe in autumn. Highly desirable tree, very hardy, grows in the poorest soils and responds to pruning.


Trees 7 m
4 m  




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