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Pseudopanax laetus

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Pseudopanax laetus is found in the North Island from Coromandel Peninsula to Taranaki.  It has a shrubby form and grows to about 3m.  It is quite like P.arboreus but has much larger leaves, with the biggest leaves being up to 30cm long.  They are dark green, oval, leathery and serrated near the tips.  The leaf margins and stalks have a reddish tinge.  As with P.arboreus, the berries are born in spring and are attractive to birds.  The large leaves make this shrub suitable for inclusion in tropical planting, as  a feature or as a stunning container specimen.  P.laetus is quite bushy, even in semi-shaded situations and can readily be pruned.  It is less susceptible to root rot than P.arboreus.


Trees 3 m
2 m  




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