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Schefflera digitata (pate)

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Schefflera digitata, commonly known as pate, is an attractive spreading tree which grows up to about 3m.  It is found in damp forests throughout New Zealand from sea level to 1200m.  The large deep green, rather soft leaves are composed of up to 9 oval leaflets arising from a singe point.  They get progressively bigger as they radiate outwards, with the biggest leaflet being up to 20cm.  The margins are finely serrated and tinged with pinkish red, as are the veins and midribs.  Large panicles of tiny greenish white flowers hang below the leaves in summer and are followed by white to purple berries.  Pate should be given a shady and sheltered position in good moist soil.  Could be used to good effect in a tropical planting or as a background plant. Propagation by seed.


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