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Viburnum japonicum

Product Description

Viburnum japonicum with lustrous green foliage on a hardy compact shrub, bearing clusters of white flowers which ripen into small blue berries on female plants.

A rounded, evergreen shrub originating from Taiwan and Japan, which also is known by common names of ‘Japanese viburnum’ and ‘Hakusan-boku’. It has lustrous dark green leaves which are wavy in the upper half. Flowering brings an attractive fragrant scent.

It prefers a deep rich loamy soil in sun or semi-shade, and is an easily grown plant which succeeds in most conditions.

Where to use Viburnum Japonicum

  • Ideal as a hedge or for shelter plantings growing to a height of 2m.
  • Excellent filler or background plant
  • Can be used in partially shady locations

Other plants to complement Viburnum Japonicum

Libertia Ixoidies makes a great contrasting landscape option, with its angular lines and contrasting colour.


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Shrubs 1.5 m
1.3 m  




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