Our native plant nursery provides plant species that are native to New Zealand and in many instances include subspecies which have adapted to a local environment.

Revegetation of environmentally sensitive areas, waste land, road embankments and land that is difficult to farm leads to a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment. Environmentally sensitive areas include coastal areas, sand dunes, waterways and wetlands, alpine areas, conservation areas containing unique flora and fauna, and off shore islands.  Roadways embankments are suited to revegetation as is land that is difficult to farm commercially. A rapidly expanding development is the planting of Manuka on steep or poor farm land for the production of Manuka honey.

Revegetation species found in Indigenous regions include Manuka, Kanuka, Phormium’s, Cordyline, Coprosma’s, Carex’s, Cortaderia, Rush’s, Aristotelia, Carpodetus, Hebe stricta, Melicytus, Myrsine, Plagianthus, Pittosporum, Pseudopanax, Olearia, Metrosideros, Hoheria, Dodonea, Sophora, Corokia, Muehlenbekia, Myoporum, Spinifex, and Desmoschoenus.

Revegetation also fosters the reestablishment of New Zealands unique podocarp rain forests including the Kauri, Totara, Rimu, Kahikatea, Matai, Tanekaha, Kaikawaka, Kawaka, Miro, and Silver Pine, as well as Beech, Maire, Puriri, Karaka, Taraire, Rewarewa, and Titoki.

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