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Collier Properties Ltd

Plant Choice

Over 25,000 plants including Carex secta, Coprosma propinqua, Coprosma repens, Cordyline australis, Corynocarpus laevigatus, Cyperus ustulatis, Dodonea viscosa, Isolepsis/Ficinia nodosa, Juncus pallidus, Kunzea ericoides, Leptospermum scoparium, Metrosideros excelsa, Phormium tenax, Pittosporum crassifolium, Pittosporum eugenioidies, Pseudopanax lessonii, Vitex lucens

Shared Success

This native revegetation planting has been undertaken at Coal Hill Rd to gain subdivision consents on an existing farm.

Kauri Park have proven to be the perfect partner to work with on this project, working in a timely and efficient manner Kauri Park were able to supply and install all plants within a week.

Regular maintenance has also been undertaken on this property which has helped with the quick establishment of the plants and ensuring the consents are granted. The photos profiled were taken in July 2015 (less than two years post planting), Kauri Park are very pleased with the growth and outcome of this project.