People & Partnerships

Chelsea Landscapes

Plant Choice

1,000,000 plants including Kunzea Ericoides, Leptospermum scoparium, Cordyline australis,  Phormium tenax, Austroderia/ Cortaderia fulvida, Carex virgata, Juncus gregiflorus/ edgarii and Baumea articulata.


Kauri Park Nurseries were initially awarded the project on the basis that the volume and species could be varied from the original order. As the motorway extension was being constructed, areas of “cut and fill” changed in size which required variations to plant volumes. The length of the earthwork season proceeding the planting season was another factor that required flexibility to planting dates and volumes. Alpurt demanded huge amounts of flexibility and foresight. Kauri Park grew additional percentages of each species to cover variations.

Planet & Eco-Leadership

An important consideration was to select species that would connect a bush corridor for bird and fauna life between the west and east coast and at the same time provide an environment for the future regeneration of the podocarp forest.

As the project evolved, the species list changed. The soil types in the “cut and fill” zones were found to be poor ancient clay types. This meant that many of the species ordered originally would not survive.  Losses in initial trial stages showed that the range and species diversity needed to be narrowed without compromising the ecological goals.

Shared Success

The final outcome has been a resounding success. Many of the plants took a couple of years to establish but in time all of the plantings are now growing well. The project looks aesthetically pleasing and the bush corridor for bird and fauna life and future regeneration of the rainforest is in place.