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Over 110,000 plants including Carex secta, Carpodetus serratus, Coprosma robusta, Cordyline australis, Cortaderia fulvida, Corynocarpus laevigatus, Dacrycarpus dacrydioides, Dodonea viscosa, Hoheria populnea, Juncus pallidus, Kunzea ericoides, Leptospermum scoparium, Pittosporum tenuifolium, Pittosporum eugenioidies, Plagianthus regius, Podocarpus totara, and Sophora microphylla.


This farm property in the Ararimu District was purchased by Evergreen Landcare in June 2016 and had potential for a subdivision. However, before doing that, the resource consent  required nearly 22 hectares of stream riparian planting in order to qualify for the creation of an additional 8 titles to maximise the potential number of titles in the subdivision. Kauri Park were privileged to be first on call from Evergreen Landcare to help them out. As the plants have quickly established the farm has now got an excellent clean water system running through the stream and this has also been of significant financial advantage by allowing Evergreen Landcare to start subdividing and preselling sections 2 years before originally planned.

Shared Success

The bulk of the planting at the Ararimu Stream took place in 2016. These plants in the photographs have been in the ground for just 1 year and the results are great! Evergreen Landcare hope to gain Council sign-off by the end of 2017.