People & Partnerships

JG Civil & Chelsea Landscapes

Plant Choice

Over 17,000 plants including Phormium tenax, Coprosma robusta, Leptospermum scoparium, Carex lessoniana, Carex virgate, Macropiper excelsum, Cordyline australis, Myrsine australis, Kunzea ericoides/robusta, Coprosma areolate, Coprosma rhaminoides, Geniostoma lugustrifolium, Pseudopanax arboreus and Melicytus ramiflorus, Phormium cookianum, Apodasmia similis (Leptocarpus similus), Ficus pumila and Hedra Helix ‘Varigata’.


The Arran Point development is at the northern Orewa entrance to Millwater, one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in NZ. In a discreet location overlooking bush and reserves with distal sea views to Orewa and beyond, the Arran Point development is to be a mixture of high density town houses and medium density house and land packages. This development will add another 227 dwellings to the approximate 2000 homes already occupied in Millwater, Kauri Park has been privileged to partner with Chelsea Landscapes and JG Civil to complete the landscaping portion on stage 2 of this project.

Shared Success

Along with streetscape planting, Kauri Park supplied 13,000 + natives into a large estuary facing bund fringing the edge of this development. This bund is constantly battered with salty winds coming in off the Orewa river, so it was essential that the plants supplied were strong, healthy and able to adapt quickly to their new conditions.

Planting at Arran Point (stage 2) was completed in September 2017, the photographs profiled were taken just three months later showing the complete success of this project. With almost 100% survival rate the plants have put on new growth and are well on the way to full canopy cover, adding aesthetic value to this new development.