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Over 400,000 trees, mainly native species.


In 2007 the Auckland Motorway Alliance was formed, now known as the AMA. This alliance is a consortium of engineers, architects, consultants, surveyors and planters. Their objective is the maintenance of the Auckland motorway network which stretches from the Bombay Hills in the south to Silverdale in the north. They also look after the Western Motorway, State Highway 20 and other main routes. They are responsible for 120km of roads within this network.

In 2008, the AMA engaged Kauri Park as its tree and shrub supplier for the up keep of the motorway network.

AMA work is demanding and often requires night deliveries coordinated with traffic control. This is required as it is not allowable to work within the motorway network during peak hours. Health and safety is a major factor in this type of work and Kauri Park are tertiary level accredited and have its delivery fleet supplied with the appropriate traffic safety equipment, flashing lights etc.

AMA have taken advantage of Kauri Parks flexible delivery fleet/team. Kauri Park fleet are all fully NZTA approved to deliver direct to site on any motorway project. This has made project coordination very easy for the AMA team as they now get Kauri Park to deliver in the middle of a motorway close down at night.

Planet & Eco-Leadership

Auckland Motorway work is unique in the fact that it runs through all three of Auckland main eco-sourcing corridors (Manukau, Tamaki & Rodney). This has its challenges as each year a different percentage of plants and species mix is required in different areas along the motorway. Kauri Park is well set up for this demand as we carry large seed banks along with growing thousands of eco-sourced stock on spec to cover the unpredictable demands of plant supply contracts that come up on projects such as these.

Shared Success

Since 2008 the beautification of the Motorway system has begun turning unsightly roading into well landscaped corridors. Over these past five years, Kauri Park have supplied over 400,000 trees, mainly native species to AMA, working closely with a number of contractors.

Kauri Park have a good working relationship with AMA and are proud to be part of  making Auckland City a greener city.