People & Partnerships

HEB Construction & Morphum Environmental

Upon award of the Brylee Reserve Wetland and Stream Naturalisation project in 2016 HEB Construction engaged Kauri Park as the sole supplier of all greenstock supply to the project for the planting season of 2017. Throughout the course of the project cycle Kauri Park were able to justify on a regular basis exactly why they were HEB Constructions preferred choice of supplier.

Constant updates on stock growth and general health, high quality/ consistent stock supplied, and faultless logistics to get the stock to site made life easy for all. Andrew Cashmore’s willingness to engage in communication between both HEB Construction and Morphum  Environmental  Ltd provided a transparent and open line to appease all stakeholder requirements as they presented. The subsequent growth onsite despite rather interesting conditions is a testament to the quality of product that was provided.

HEB Construction look forward to working with Kauri Park in the future on many projects of this same nature.

(Hayden Sefonte –  HEB Construction project manager)

Plant Choice

Over 22,000 plants including Apodasmia similis, Arthropodium bifurcatum, Austroderia/ Cortaderia fulvida, Blechnum minus, Bolboschoenus fluvilatilis, Carex geminata, Carex lessoniana, Carex maorica, Carex secta, Carex virgata, Coprosma crassifolia, Coprosma propinqua, Carpodetus serratus, Cordyline australis, Cyperus ustulatis, Eleocharis acuta, Eleocharis sphacelata, Isolepsis/Ficinia nodosa, Fuschia exorticata, Fuschia procumbens, Hebe stricta, Juncus gregiflorus/ edgarii, Juncus maritimus/ krausii, Juncus pallidus, Leptospermum scoparium, Libertia perigrinans, Pratia/ Lobelia angulate, Baumea/ Machaerina articulata, Baumea/ Machaerina juncea, Baumea/ Machaerina rubiginosa, Muehlenbeckia complexa, Olearia solandri, Phormium tenax, Plagianthus divaricatus, Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani, Sophora microphyla.


This Auckland Council project located in Connifer Grove in Takanini involved the conservation of an existing section of Brylee Reserve into a new wetland area, providing stormwater treatment for motorway runoff.

The wetland designed by Morphum Environmental includes over 35 different plant species, mainly aquatic and terrestrial plants. Located on the coastal margins this plant pallet includes a mixture of fresh and saline tolerant species to respond overtime to increasing tidal levels while still providing water quality treatment and landscape amenity.

The timber boardwalk and bridges built by the Heb Construction providing access through and around the wetland make for perfect walking and biking tracks. The once barren part of the reserve is now flourishing with birdlife, cultural and social values are enhanced as more wetlands return to our landscape.

Shared Success

The planting of Brylee wetland commenced at the beginning of March 2017 and was completed early May.  The plant growth immediately post planting has been phenomenal, the photos profiled were taken in May 2017 and speak for themselves the success of the project.