People & Partnerships

Natural Habitats

Plant Choice

80,000 plants including Anamanthele, Blechnum NZ, Chionachloa flavicans, Chionachloa rubra, Hebe Blue Gem, Kunzea ericoides, Libertia ixioides, Olea europea, Olearia macrodonta minor, Phormium cookianum, Psuedopanax arboreus, Agapanthus Blue Dwarf, Blechnum NZ, Carex testacea, Chionachloa flavicans, Cortaderia fulvida, Griselinia littoralis, Hebe Blue Gem, Libertia grandiflora, Libertia ixioides, and Trachylospermum jasminoides.


This project required impeccable quality. Kauri Park had to deliver  2 truck loads of plants per week during the planting of this project. Natural Habitats relied heavily on Kauri Park to maintain a high standard of service and quality as this reflected on their credibility to their customer.

Planet & Eco-Leadership

Cape Kidnappers is situated on the east coast of Hawkes Bay. It has a world renown golf course that spans the white cliffs of Cape Kidnappers with luxury lodges that are frequented by many visitors, in particular the rich and famous.

Natural Habitats were awarded the contract for the design and installation of the landscaping around the lodges. This was a high end landscape with the use of a wide range of native and amenity species. Kauri Park was able to supply all of these species all at the required timing.

Shared Success

This iconic project would have one of the most stunning vistas of any golf course worldwide. This is proven by the many international visitors who currently holiday Cape Kidnappers and play its fairways.