People & Partnerships

Stewart Stevenson Landscapes

Plant Choice

5,000 plants of the following species: Anemathele lessoniana, Apodasmia similis (Leptocarpus similus), Astelia nervosa, Cordyline australis, Cordyline Red Fountain, Griselinia littoralis, Phormium cookianum, Phormium Green Dwarf, Phormium Surfer, Pseudopanax arboreus, Pseudopanax crassifolium.


The landscapers primary concern was to complete this project within a tight time frame with limited staff numbers.

Stewart Stevenson worked with Kauri Park to help their team finish this project in a very tight time frame. The location of this site meant all 5,000 plants could not be delivered in one delivery but the job needed to be completed in 8 days. Kauri Park delivered three times during that 8 days. Kauri Park also guaranteed delivery first thing in the morning ensuring the planting team always had plants available for the days planting and also to ensure that no plants were left on site over night that could get stolen.

Kauri Park was able to offer the complete plant list which saved the landscaper time from having to source his order from more than one supplier.

Planet & Eco-Leadership

This project did not require eco sourced plants, although the native plants supplied in the project were predominantly from Waikato eco sourced locations.

Shared Success

This is an attractive landscaping job that is robust due to the high level of foot traffic, low maintenance and functional.