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Plant Choice

50,000 + plants including Apodasmia similis, Kunzea ericoides, Leptospermum scorparium, Anemanthele lessoniana, Coprosma Poor Knights, Phormium Green Dwarf, Phormium tenax, Arthropodium cirratum, Carex flagellifera, Carex testacea, Hebe speciosa, and Astelia banksii.


Esmonde Road is part of the Northern Busway development which began in 2006 and required over 70,000 plants.  The deciding factor for this project was Kauri Park’s state of the art growing facility at its Kaiwaka based nursery and use of technology to produce volumes at competitive prices. Prior to signing the agreement Treescape visited the nursery to view the robotic transplanter in action and to check on the innovative pot and tray system and growing facility.  They signed the contract before leaving.

Planet & Eco-Leadership

Esmonde Rd was a high profile project that required quality product,  well developed plants and evenness of grades.

The design for this project used relatively few species but large numbers of each species. The selection chosen was to primarily to provide a visual barrier with the traffic on the motorway. It was the first transit project to use Apodasmia similis, a species that Kauri Park had promoted to  landscape architects due to its hardy characteristics and the fact that it is a New Zealand native sedge species that survives in poor quality water and at the same time, provides great amenity value.

Shared Success

Esmonde Road has been a great success. As a result of the success of Esmond Rd, Apodasmia similis is used widely in the landscape sector especially in a transit environment for swale gardens.

The plants are well established and providing good a good visual barrier with the motorway with the plantings in the water retention pond doing an excellent job in road run off water purification.