People & Partnerships

Landscape contractors

Plant Choice

Acaena purpurea, Ficus pumila, Ophiopogon japonicas, Pratia angulate, Selleria radicans, Phormium’s, Dietie’s, Libertia’s, Lomandra’s, Hebe’s, Cordylines, Coprosma’s, Canna’s, Griselinia, Apodismia and many more.


The old Landscaping slogan ‘beauty once seen is never lost’ comes to life in the streets and parks of Hobsonville Point. No one can pass by without being impressed by the immaculate landscaping decorating these new subdivisions.

Kauri Park are pleased to have supplied many of the smaller trees and shrubs used in both the house lot plantings, and the streetscape/park plantings in Hobsonville.

Plant quality is a very important factor in these projects. Poor quality plants, will drop the image of the landscaping, and essentially the image of the whole street/area involved. At the same time, high quality at the correct time can sometimes be difficult to manage as the timing of these projects can be a moving target due to hold ups in construction.

Kauri Park has, and continues to work closely with the Landscaping contractors to ensure the plants are always at a high quality standard when they are required for delivery on site.

Planet & Eco-Leadership

Kauri Park fully support the ‘living sustainably’ vision of Hobsonville Point. Many of the plants supplied to both streetscape, reserves and pond planting have been grown in our unique Kauri Park eco-tray. Along with efficiencies on site, this eco tray uses 50% less plastic than the normal plastic pots and trays, and is made from 100% recyclable plastic which has been recycled previously.  Kauri Park share the passion for ‘greening’ New Zealand, and keeping it growing sustainably.

Shared Success

The masses of already established landscaping at Hobsonville speak for themselves, Kauri Park are pleased to have been part of this and share in the success.