People & Partnerships

HEB Landscapes

Plant Choice

400,000 plants including Baumea articulata, Cyperus ustulatis, Juncus pallidus, Carex secta, Cortaderia fulvida, Cordyline australis, Phormium tenax, Carex dissita, Carex lessoniana, Dacrycarpus dacrydioides, Hedycarya arborea, Leptospermum scoparium, Melicytus ramiflorus, Sophora microphyla, Pomaderis hamiltonii, Knightia excelsa, Kunzea ericoides, Coprosma robusta,  Coprosma lucida, Apodasmia similis (Leptocarpus similus), Hebe stricta, and Macropiper excelsum.


Most of the landscaping had to be completed between May – September 2010. This meant that an average of 4,000 plants a day needed to be delivered to site. The winter months  created difficult working conditions which meant that not every day was able to be utilised to potential. This project  had three planting teams in action during the peak of season. The project manager worked closely with Kauri Parks logistics team who delivered three loads per day when planting was in progress. The contractor chose Kauri Park as their supplier knowing that it had the capabilities to meet the demands of the project.  In essence Kauri Park became an extension of the contractors team.

In the following season after planting the Hobsonville project, the contractors were required to infill an additional 8,000 species. Kauri Park provided these 8,000 plants free of charge. This ensured peace of mind for the contractor.

Planet & Eco-Leadership

Hobsonville Motorway connects West Auckland with St Highway 1 and has provided the link to encourage residential and industrial development in Western Auckland.

As much of the motorway travels through residential areas, plant choice was dictated by density and simplicity. Vast areas were planted in Phormium Tenax to achieve this result.

Shared Success

This project has established well with minimal losses. The use of mass plantings of Phormium Tenax against the orange painted sound barriers and the bright yellow over bridge is a fine example of simple but effective landscape architecture.