People & Partnerships

Karaka Lakes

Plant Choice

Lomandra tanika, Hebe Wiri Mist, Dieties grandiflora, Ophiopogon japonicas, Astelia Westlands, Astelia Silver Spear, Carex Frosted Curls, Carex buchananii, Acaena purpurea, and Griselinia littoralis.


Karaka Lakes is a medium density residential subdivision situated in South Auckland. The subdivision boasts a quality housing standard that is able to be maintained by its creative design of the subdivision.

During the recession, the developers sales dropped and budgets tightened. To enable the developers to continue, they employed their own gardener who planted all the landscaping. Progress slowed down but  the developers were able to continue to comply with their resource consent.

Kauri Park worked with the developer throughout the recession so that this development did not stop.

Planet & Eco-Leadership

The lake system is well landscaped with a combination of native and exotic species. The majority of the landscaping was undertaken in 2008 in the early stages of the development. Kauri Park supplied the plants through a landscape contractor.

Flowing through this impressive subdivision is a series of lakes which catch the storm water. Instead of being a functional wetland, the developers chose to make these lakes into a central feature and create its unique identity and name.

Shared Success

The combination of reserve area, riparian area, esplanade and  residential landscaping has made Karaka Lakes into a showcase subdivision. Sections are selling rapidly and are expected to all be sold in the near future.

Beautiful designer homes complete the quality of this project.