People & Partnerships

Natural Habitats

Plant Choice

8,300 plants including Teucrium fruticans, Lomandra Tanika, Dieties grandiflora, Hebe diosmifolia, Coprosma Karo Red, and Metrosideros Tahiti.


The majority of the planting was done during the summer months making it critical to have  well-balanced plant stock (not under rooted or overgrown).

Regular scheduled deliveries were required to keep enough plants on site to keep the team operating, without plants being stored on site for too long and losing condition due to lack of irrigation. Kauri Park also had to have flexibility to adjust to the changing demands of this construction project.

Planet & Eco-Leadership

No eco sourced plants were required as this project had a strong emphasis on amenity species.

Shared Success

Although the summer timing of planting was not ideal, the plants are establishing well and add the finishing touch to the eye catching design of the brewery building.