People & Partnerships

Natural Habitats

Plant Choice

67,000 plants including Apodasmia similis (Leptocarpus similus), Coprosma repens , Coprosma robusta, Cordyline australis, Cortaderia splendens, Kunzea ericoides, Leptospermum scoparium, Metrosideros excelsa, Myoporum laetum, Pseudopanax crassifolium, Rhopalostylis sapida (Nikau Palm), Sophora microphyla, Carex secta, Corynocarpus laevigatus, Vitex lucens, Podocarpus totara, and Pseudopanax arboreus.


The contractor chose to work with Kauri Park having had an excellent relationship with Kauri Park, having worked together on a wide scope of the landscaping projects in the past.

The contractor relied heavily on Kauri Parks logistics team which involved multiple and regular deliveries throughout the duration of this project. Kauri Park with its in-house expertise were able to provide the contractor continuity of supply, quality and service to ensure the project was completed within its tight time frames and cost parameters.

Planet & Eco-Leadership

Manakau Harbour Crossing was a challenging project with its own unique difficulties, that required  strong communication with the contractor.  Close to the estuary the soil types were a saline marine mud. The plants  had to be particularly robust species, eco sourced, hardy and of excellent quality.

Shared Success

The Manakau Harbour Crossing is another roading network that is viewed by many motorists daily. The established plantings have successfully screened a somewhat unattractive backdrop of commercial development.