People & Partnerships

Natural Habitats

Plant Choice

25,000 + plants made up of the following: Coprosma Beatsons Gold, Coprosma Middlemore, Coprosma mangatangi, Coprosma Clearwater Gold, Coprosma robusta, Pseudopanax lessonii, Griselinia Whenuapai, Coprosma Poor Knights, Astelia westlands, Libertia ixioides, Rubus X Barkerii, Muehlenbeckia axillaris,  Tecomanthe speciosa, Carex lessoniana, Apodasmia similis (Leptocarpus similus), Coprosma taiko, Lomandra tanika


This project required plants that would look attractive but would withstand a reasonable amount of foot traffic. The landscapers chose Kauri Park to supply the plants due to Kauri Park’s ability to supply every species required, with on time directly to the site, so that the planting teams were never held up by plant deliveries.

Twenty deliveries to site made it easy for Natural Habitats to plan each day. Kauri Park’s flexible delivery team  delivered plants as early as 5am to meet the planting teams schedule.

Planet & Eco-Leadership

No eco sourcing was required as this project had a strong emphasis on amenity species.

There was a very short time frame between confirmation of the order and requirement for delivery. The key ingredient was that Kauri Park already had the required species and quantities in the nursery.

Shared Success

This project is well established and continuing to look smart. It has withstood a lot of foot traffic including people walking through the plantings themselves.