People & Partnerships

Line and Design Landscaping

Plant Choice

Over 40,000 plants including Apodasmia similis, Astelia Silver Spear, Carex secta, Carex virgate, Dianella nigra, Dieties grandiflora, Hebe Wiri Mist, Muehlenbeckia astonii, Phormium Green Dwarf, Phormium cookianum, Griselinia littoralis, Phormium tenax, Kunzea ericoides, Cortaderia fulvida, Hebe speciosa Blue, Corokia Little Prince, TANIKA™ Lomandra longifolia ‘LM300’ PVR, Sophora microphyla, Coprosma hawera, Coprosma Poor Knights, Phormium tenax, Eleocharis acuta, Juncus gregiflorus/ edgarii, Cyperus ustulatis, Eleocharis sphacelata and Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani.


St Kilda committed over $1m to developing wetlands, landscaping and public spaces which make the subdivision truly unique.

Kauri Park have been privileged to work with the landscaping company Line and Design, on the landscaping and wetland sectors of this project. Over 40,000 plants were put into the ground in 2013, with additional smaller plantings done in 2014.

Planet & Eco-Leadership

The wetlands play a huge part in achieving the environmental goals of the unique subdivision, they function as a wet pond storage for storm water retention to improve the quality of water before it passes into a natural water source.

Additionally they attract many native birds to the area.

Shared Success

The photos profiled are taken 3 years post planting, and speak for themselves.

The plantings at St Kilda have been a huge success and create a stunning environment in the subdivision.