People & Partnerships

Natural Habitats / Arbour Pacific / Greenwood Associates Design

Plant Choice

12,000 plants, a mixture of Lomandra Tanika, Phormium cookianum, Apodasmia similis, Ficus pumila, Coprosma hawera, Arthropodium, Carex secta, Cordyline australis, Austroderia/ Cortaderia fulvida, Coprosma robusta, Phormium tenax, Carex virgata, Cyperus ustulatis, Leptospermum scoparium, Melicytus ramiflorus


There were two parts to the Landscaping of The Grange projects; amenity landscaping around the buildings, and a stormwater / revegetation area at the back of the property. The bulk of the amenity planting was done by Arbor Pacific, and Natural Habitats late 2015, with the stormwater and revegetation planting done by Natural Habitats early 2016.

This project required that the plants looked attractive, but also robust and able to handle a certain amount of foot traffic. Greenwood and associates plant choice was perfect, coupled with supply of well grown plants these requirements have been fulfilled.

Kauri Park had to work within a tight budget to win the plant supply part of this contract. Kauri Park were able to do this, without sacrificing the quality of the plant, or the service to the contractors.

Shared Success

The planting on this project is already well established and looking great. It has a corporate look which is both practical and attractive.