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Natural Habitats / Waterview Alliance

Plant Choice

Over 350,000 plants including: Adiantum Hispidulum, Apodasmia similis, Arthropodium cirratum, Astelia, Austroderia/ Cortaderia fulvida, Austrostipa stipoides, Baumea/ Machaerina juncea, Baumea/ Machaerina rubiginosa, Baumea/ Machaerina articulate, Bolboschoenus fluvilatilis, Carex dissita, Carex geminata, Carex lambertiana, Carex secta, Carex solandri, Carex testacea, Carex virgate, Carpodetus serratus, Coprosma acerosa, Coprosma macrocapa, Coprosma Poor Knights, Coprosma repens, Coprosma robusta, Cordyline australis, Cyathea medullaris, Cyperus ustulatis, Dacrycarpus dacrydioides, Dianella nigra, Dicksonia squarrosoa, Dieties grandiflora, Doodia australis, Eleocharis acuta, Entelea arborescens, Fuschia procumbens, Geniostoma rupestre, Griselinia, Hebe stricta, Hedycarya arborea, Hoheria populnea, Isolepsis/Ficinia nodosa, Juncus gregiflorus/ edgarii, Juncus pallidus, Kunzea ericoides/robusta, Libertia grandiflora, Libertia ixioides, Libertia perigrinans, Macropiper excelsum, Melicope ternate, Melicytus ramiflorus, Metrosideros excels, Muehlenbeckia australis, Muehlenbeckia complexa, Phormium cookianum subsp. Hookeri, Phormium tenax, Pittosporum crassifolium, Pittosporum tenuifolium, Plagianthus divaricatus, Podocarpus totara, Pratia/ Lobelia angulate, Pseudopanax arboreus, Pseudopanax lessonii, Rhopalostylis sapida, Schefflera digitate, Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani, Sophora, Typha orientalis, TANIKA™ Lomandra longifolia ‘LM300’ PVR


The Waterview Connection project in Auckland is NZTA’s largest and most ambitious roading project. Connecting the Southwestern and Northwestern Motorways it is described as the ‘missing link’ to complete the Western Ring Route.

Kauri Park were awarded the contract for plant supply in August 2014, with the first deliveries made later that year. This project required a nursery with capacity and resource – one that was able to grow the numbers of plants required and deliver large quantities at short notice.

Planet & Eco-Leadership

As in all major projects, eco-sourcing was a major factor in producing plants for the Waterview connection landscaping. All plants were grown from seeds sourced from within the Tamaki or Waitakere ecological regions. Kauri Park had to be proactive in their production process to fulfil this requirement, as lists for the following year’s plant numbers were often not finalized until the plants were already planted out in the nursery.

Shared Success

Despite the different challenges faced in this project, Kauri Park have worked very closely with the Landscape contractors Natural Habitats to deliver a top end result.

The plantings in the photos profiled, range from 2 weeks – 6 months in the ground. This shows how quickly the plants are establishing, we expect full cover to be reached within three years.