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3500 plants including: Apodasmia similis (Leptocarpus similus), Austroderia/ Cortaderia fulvida, Carex dipsacea, Carex virgata, Cordyline australis, Liriope muscari, Phormium Green Dwarf and Pittosporum eugenioidies.


Kauri Park supply plants to many smaller construction projects throughout New Zealand, the photos profiled are of a new Z Energy in North Warkworth which had the landscaping completed in June 2016.

The contracts for the landscaping of such projects is often awarded too late for plants to be contract grown, and supply depends on what nurseries have grown on spec.

Kauri Park play a key role here, being New Zealand’s largest native nursery, grow a lot of spec plants to cater for such projects.

  • Delivery so not as to hold up planters – move them efficiently from job to job.
  • Septic + landscaping around the building