Quality Plants, the essence to your bottom line

Posted on June 28, 2017

It’s an age old adage, but in an ever competitive financial environment it’s never been truer… Quality doesn’t cost, it pays!


Since the GFC changed our world, the squeezing of margins has become a reality across almost every industry, and the fondly remembered good old days which we once considered normal, don’t seem to be coming back. Guess what, it’s a good thing! Why? Because we find ourselves challenging status quo, how is it we’re going to stand out from the multitude? For Kauri Park our particular focus has been to lift the industry bar on plant quality, to a level not known before.

I have the personal pleasure of having an office which overlooks Kauri Parks dispatch lane. In all my 22 years with Kauri Park, I have never before witnessed such consistency of healthy, weed free, even graded, outdoor hardened plants exiting the nursery gate, bound for their new homes. Its and absolute credit and tribute to Nursery Manager , Royston Hodges and his competent team, who this season have produced greater than ten million plants, all like peas in a pod.

The health and quality of Kauri Park’s plants are generating bottom line margin for our customers in two key areas –

  1. High transplanting success, eliminating the costly process of replacement plantings due to plant fatalities.
  2. Greatly reduced Maintenance periods. Our customers are achieving canopy closure and maintenance sign off at least 12 months sooner than they had budgeted for. This saving cannot be over stated. A blow out in Maintenance costs can often prove to be the make or the break of a planting project.

Another acknowledgement in the Kauri park team goes to Raj Kesha, our Dispatch Manager and his tireless team, who are currently dispatching between 6 – 10 truckloads of plants every working day. Raj’s team ensure deliveries are exactly when our customers want them, effectively generating them further savings… we all appreciate what a team of planters cost per hour, can’t afford to have these folks standing idle while they wait for their next plant delivery.

Finally while we’re somewhat distracted by our fellow countrymen who are on a mission to bring home the Auld Mug or those commissioned to tame the ferocious Lions pack, I’d like to put in a big plug for our recently established nursery body NZPPI. Andrew Harrison, John Liddle, Malcolm Woolmore have been part of a valiant NZPPI team, working tirelessly behind the scenes alongside MPI to combat the recent unwelcomed discovery of myrtle rust. The NZPPI board exude a glowing vision, passion and support for the industry of Mother Nature, they have their first annual conference coming up on the 5th and 6th of July and they’re canvassing for attendees. So if you’re a grower/nurserymen (large or small) and you care about our environment, then demonstrate your support by throwing your weight in behind NZPPI (http://nzppi.co.nz/documents/conference-2017-brochure-rego.pdf) . Kauri Park has implemented NZPPI’s strict precautions to minimise all potential avenues of contamination of Myrtle Rust in or out of our nursery (https://www.kauriparknurseries.co.nz/myrtle-rust/).

To all Kauri Parks enthusiastic allies, I would like to say a hearty thank you! With your support, our vision of growing and greening this wonderful land continues… And remember quality never costs, it pays!