How to use the Riparian Planner

Posted on July 29, 2016

Go to to get started.

Check out the video ‘how to log into the riparian planner’ here.

You can set up your login details using your standard email, Facebook or gmail accounts.

The ‘How to’ videos provide users with support through every step of the planning. You can watch these videos as you complete your riparian plan.

Additional ‘learn more’ buttons and ‘help’ guides clarify the exact information required. For example, when describing a stream’s predominant vegetation type, you will find a helpful diagram with vegetation types which makes it easy to accurately select your waterway’s vegetation type.

Your Riparian Plan in four easy steps

The Riparian Planner’s intuitive layout using four main tabs makes planning easy:

1. Describing Plan – Start by naming your plan, the starting year, your supply company and your supply number. Once you have entered these details, the map function will take you straight to your farm.

How to use the ‘describe plan’ tab here


2. Map Waterways – Draw your waterways directly onto your farm map using interactive tools in the mapping area. The zoom tool and mouse means you can click and drag the map to navigate around your farm. Describe your property boundaries using the ‘box icon’ tool which links property boundaries to a LINZ database layer. Click on your farm land parcels to show the outline of your farm. Draw waterways with the tools for pond, stream/drain, wetland/critical source area (swales and gullies).

How to map waterways here

How to modify waterways here


3. Plan Actions – This is where you enter all the detail. Plan your site preparation, fencing, planting, ongoing maintenance and costs within an adjustable and live calculator. You can specify the percentage of vegetation to plant over a time frame and adjust planting costs per year. This is where the tool shows its flexibility. Use the slider to adjust the time period, your budget and number of plants. Specify the amount you wish to spend, how many plants, or metres of waterway you would like to plant. At any stage you can edit your planning costs, according to the prices quoted by Kauri Park Nurseries. The planner also allows you to change the cost of materials and plants.

How to use the ‘plan actions’ tab here


4. Get Summary – The farm-specific plan includes a timeframe, budget, estimates of numbers of region-specific plants required, costs and time frames for fencing; and planting and weed control actions for long-term riparian zone management. As a riparian zone develops or anything changes on-farm, plans can be revisited and updated; you can mark off completed goals as your progress with your plan. Print your plant list for Kauri Park Nurseries or download the whole riparian plan as a .pdf for your own reference or submission to your council or milk company.

How to use the ‘get summary’ tab here


Collaborative effort

The Riparian Planner was developed by DairyNZ and Landcare Research with input from key environmental experts including Kauri Park Nurseries and regional councils across the country. If you have any questions regarding use of the Riparian planning tool, please contact Matt Highway, DairyNZ senior developer, 027 702 4378,

Contact Kauri Park Nurseries for a list of plant species that most suit your particular project and environmental conditions. We deliver plants nationwide.

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