Successful Lot Planting Starts with the Plan

Posted on October 31, 2018

New Zealand has benefitted from hundreds of millions of native plants being purposefully planted to enhance the environment to offset the residential development as it spreads into the rural zones. It is inevitable that our major cities will continue growing and we can improve the environment as we grow with them involving careful environmental planning. Long may this important practice continue and even expand.

A successful outcome in an environmental lot always starts with a good plan, clear vision and then the right implementation to succeed. “Failing to plan is planning to fail” they say.

Kauri Park has been supplying native trees and shrubs, transforming farmland into subdivisions and environmental lots for over two decades now and has built up some solid experience in this area. It has been a very positive and rewarding journey.

The knowledge gained could be compressed into a very important lesson number 1: “every site is unique”. There is no text book approach to the New Zealand landscape, weather, seasons, soils and the complication of introduced weeds and pests. Kauri Park can work with confidence because of the years of understanding that the team has. This helps us work closely with the Planners and clients and staying involved to reach their environmental success.

The best economic outcome always begins with quality and ends with quality. Once Kauri Park has the planning documents and planting plan then we can start forming the project, plant allocation and bring the key project points into alignment.

Starting with the highest quality plants is critical to the outcome and this is why many choose to work with us. Kauri park grows large volumes of high quality so that species lines supplied into contracts are consistent and even for the whole of the plant supply.

Project “startup” is important. Remember that every site is unique, and no two sites are the same, but with our years of experience we can assess sites for what should be involved within a project. Pre-planting advice is something that we recommend and that is included in the plan of what we offer.

Project “management” can be possibly one of the biggest advantages that a successful project has. A fully coordinated program that is managed alongside quality control measures has far better chances of the project reaching 224C early. Our Project Managers involve the right people for the right jobs. This starts with the weed control then the planting crews through to the maintenance advice or crews and the level of attention that each project deserves.

Project “maintenance” is the final key to success. Having the right maintenance occurring at the right time can fast track a project to reaching canopy cover. Not enough maintenance can be detrimental to a success whereas over maintaining will add to unnecessary costs.

Kauri Park takes a holistic view to any project that they are involved with and take ownership along with the people surrounding the work. There is nothing quite as rewarding as travelling past a successful gully restoration or coastal cliff stabilization knowing that maybe years ago we helped achieve that environmental success. Sometimes over twenty years ago.