Eco Sourcing

Our fundamental respect for nature is backed by dedicated eco sourcing practices that ensures that the plants are tracked from the eco source through the nursery and back to the site that the seed was collected from.

Seed quantities and regions are identified based on contracts and upcoming projects. Seed collectors work from maps showing eco source areas in every ecological region and district for every species.

Seeds are collected and a data sheet is filled out showing species name, collection date, ecological region and district, GPS location and other details.

Seed is given a unique batch number at the time of collection, GPS co-ordinates, estimated collection quantities and any notes about ecosystem, landform type and other environmental or ecological features, are recorded.

Cleaned seeds are stored in a custom-designed, insect-free storage vault maintained at a constant temperature and humidity.

Germination rates are tested by following standard protocols in conditions that mirror the natural germination process.

Seed is identified and picked entirely by its unique batch number and sent to the propagation department. The unique batch number is printed on the label on the seed propagation trays.

Seedlings are transplanted into the required tray or pot size and placed in an area in the nursery for optimum growing conditions. The finished product is provided with a computer-generated numeric batch number (this is different to the unique batch number since the same seed batch may be used across grades and varying production dates) and labels are printed for each batch number.  The original unique batch number is also recorded on the labels for tracking purposes.

Each batch number is tracked through the entire production process. Information is crucial to the integrity of eco plants and ongoing research and development

The database records the species, tray and pot size details as well as ecological region and district collected to ensure compliance with eco-sourcing requirements. Details are maintained for checking and verification via the unique batch number during picking and dispatch.