We grow plants in an innovative Eco tray system which greatly improves handling efficiency and labour savings and produces plants with superior root structure, is fully recyclable, minimises use of plastic and is easy to recover empty trays on site.

Kauri Park has invested in and designed a unique eco-tray system which has improved plant quality, brought significant efficiencies for our planting teams and reduced waste for our group.

30% more efficiency for planting teams on site. One person can carry up to 4 trays at one time (for a 0.5L grade this is 72 plants), also easy to tidy up, no pots blowing away in the wind.

The Eco Tray produces a more consistent grade and quality of plant, better root development and a superior root to foliage ratio.

The Eco Tray has proven to lower the mortality rate post planting.

Environmentally friendly – the Eco Tray uses 50% less plastic in the manufacturing process compared to normal plastic pots and trays. They are made from 100% recycled plastic which has been recycled previously.

Large numbers of plants can be processed daily, ensuring sufficient volumes are available.

The unique Kauri Park eco-tray is not an ‘off-the-shelf’ design. It has been specially designed by New Zealanders for New Zealand natives. We are the only nursery with access to this tray, the results speak for themselves.