Research and Development

We aim to keep you a step ahead, assisting you in maximizing your return along with saving you money and time.

Our in house Research and Development continues to look for ways to improve plant quality, project efficiency, eco-sourcing integrity, and client value, setting new industry standards and developing sustainable practices.

Recorded selections of Manuka for Manuka forestry for Manuka honey and Manuka oil production.

Our Manuka selections are based on high flower volumes, attractiveness to bees and high levels of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in the nectar. DHA is the precursor chemical to Methyl Glyoxl (MGO) which is more commonly referred to as UMF in Manuka Honey.

We have developed a floating wetland system which utilizes fibrous waste plastic and wetland plants to create large scale floating wetlands for the treatment of polluted waterways and restoration of eco systems.

We are using technology to locate and track plants from your eco source district, tracking the plants growing in the nursery and the same plants delivered to you right back to GPS located mother plants from which the seed was collected in your district.

We are using practical technology such as specialized machinery and our custom designed eco tray to improve production efficiencies and reduce wastage.