What does Kauri Park identify our projects with?

Posted on August 27, 2020

We were asked a question at Kauri Park as to why we sell plants and where do we find our connection with the finished result of our projects.

This is a very interesting question and the answers all ended up very similar.

It is water. Water is the basis of life on Earth and right from the outset of time, Mankind has built habitations around good water. Settlements were built around springs and they dug wells. They even fought wars over wells and filled the opposition’s in with dirt to gain advantage. There are theories currently in circulation that water will become the most sought-after commodity globally and that there could be conflicts and war for clean water again.

If we look at the oldest races and colonisations around the globe, and on down through history, they all were built near a good water supply. Unfortunately, we can also see the mistake that has been made and it is a juxtaposition. Clean water provides life and can maintain cities. The biggest mistake ever made was to use the once clean waterways as a carrier or conveyor of wastewater downstream making it somebody else’s problem and gradually those problems work their way back upstream.

Look at some of the rivers that have died. The Nile, Ganges, Yangtze and many others that have large populations living on them. The headwaters are pristine, and the lower reaches are heavily polluted and degraded and associated health related poverty.


We understand the damage that stormwater can place on our

streams and harbours. You may look at water disappearing down a grated stormwater drain and think that is the end of the stormwater journey. The widespread use of underground stormwater filtration and treatment train devices has greatly improved our runoff. Also, our all-time favourite “The Wetland” is guarding the receiving environment from unnecessary runoff pollutants as the “Natures Filter.”

New Zealanders spend their spare time outdoors. A large percentage of people’s recreation pastimes involve water. Whether this involves boating surfing, bathing or fishing it is a big part of who we identify ourselves as.

Although difficult to establish, the fight is on for who has the most boats per capita. Whether New Zealand or Finland has the highest number of boats per capita and whether it’s debatable that Seattle or Auckland takes out the most per city prize. Whatever way you look at this, New Zealand has a close connection to our water and are precious in our protection of this resource.

New Zealand undoubtably has clean water high in the priority wish list in both urban and rural waterways. This is hardwired in our nationality.

Kauri Park believes that NZ has huge ground to make up on reusing our wastewater and not discharging it into receiving environments as we currently do. This is a multibillion-dollar prospect but should be part of any serious planning if we are honest about our environmentalism.

The developing countries are leaving us behind…see the work that Organica is doing for example https://www.organicawater.com/

Organica started with an idea and a vision 20 years ago and have some of the most exciting visions for urban water https://www.organicawater.com/news#news-tabs|2 and for more details watch the TedX video on their news site https://youtu.be/n_5lNX7wDm8

Back to the original question. The answers from the staff here at Kauri Park is that there is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing our plants maturing in projects that protect the streams and rivers and harbours and the life they contain. Water is life, and Kauri Park protects water.