Wonder water: the secret of powerful plants

Posted on March 28, 2017

We produce huge volumes of hardy, healthy plants every day, and we’re often asked one thing: what’s the secret? Well, we’re ready to reveal! Pure spring water from deep underground that’s packed with one of nature’s most powerful ingredients: Silica.

Yes, the water we use to feed our flora gets a potent boost from nature, helping plants (and people!) thrive and grow. Here are the fascinating facts.

The secret: Kauri Park water

The stream running through Kauri Park is largely a spring-fed water body. The springs that feed the stream have come from the fissures in the greywacke rock strata in the hills surrounding, and to the north of, the nursery.

From the testing we have done, this spring water is some of the better quality water on the earth today. Back in the mid-1990s, we investigated starting our own water-bottling facility to tap into one of the large springs on our property – but decided that it wasn’t our core business and sold the property where the spring was located. However, the process of testing the spring water revealed some amazing facts.

We discovered that the aquifer is considered to be “fossil” water. Fossil water has never seen daylight for millennia – or maybe never before. The aquifer is deep beneath New Zealand, and is forced up from below our nursery north of Kaiwaka. Water mapping geologists believe that the flow of this underground river system possibly originates from somewhere below the Southern Alps. It forces the water northwards, with springs coming up from beneath our property and just a little north of the nursery in the Brynderwyns. The purity of this water makes it incredible to drink – for people and plants. The key ingredient is the high level of naturally occurring silica. The most obvious source of the silica is contact with volcanic activity at some stage of its underground journey.

What does Silica do for plants?

Silica is one of nature’s best cleansing and building agents. Silica’s greatest benefit is its effect on growth promotional microbes in the root zone. As the fine particles of silica embed themselves in the root zone, the microbes use the particles as the biological ‘bridge’ to the roots. Along with the microbial enhanced silica, are other micro-organisms that provide vitamins, enzymes and natural plant hormones to stimulate root development and provide a balanced recipe for natural plant health. Silica greatly improves a plant’s natural resistance to stress and disease.

Is Silica important for people?

Like plants, humans also benefit from silica. Silica is necessary for the formation of collagen for bones and connective tissue, for calcium absorption, flexible arteries and cardiovascular health. It is also important for healthy hair and skin, nails and eyes. It helps to stimulate the immune system and counteract the effects of aluminium in the body.

Our gift to you

Here at Kauri Park, we’re all about growth – so, as well as providing healthy plants, we also supply gift bottles of this amazing water to anyone who receives products off the back of a Kauri Park truck. Here’s to healthy clients too!

Did you know? Kauri Springs has twice the concentration of silica compared to “Evian”, the world’s top selling French mineral water.