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Kauri Park is a passionate and vital partner for ‘greening’ projects across New Zealand from major civil projects, residential and commercial development plantings, wetland restoration, landscaping and farmland revegetation.

We are one of the country’s most experienced growers and wholesalers of native plants, complemented by new, exclusive varieties and superior selections for Manuka forestry plantations.

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Latest News

Landscape Architecture using Floating Wetlands

Waterclean Technologies Cleaning water of pollutants is an ongoing challenge for communities across the globe. Along with this is the need to find cost-effective and sustainable methods to remove ever-increasing amounts of contaminants from diverse bodies of water. Waterclean Technologies, a subsidiary company of Kauri Park Nurseries, has developed a system utilising suspended floating wetlands for treatment of polluted waterways.

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Kauri Park is Expanding

Nursery expansion to accommodate demand for Manuka and amenity plants With the huge interest in Manuka forestry plantings, Kauri Park has had to expand its nursery to accommodate the demand for more plants. A large area is currently being prepared to accommodate another 2,000,000 Manuka and amenity plants. Kauri Park Nurseries have established a plant selection and breeding program aimed at identifying Manuka cultivars which exhibit high UMF and increased productivity.

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