Growing & Greening New Zealand with you

Kauri Park is a passionate and vital partner for ‘greening’ projects across New Zealand from major civil projects, residential and commercial development plantings, wetland restoration, landscaping and farmland revegetation.

We are one of the country’s most experienced growers and wholesalers of native plants, complemented by new, exclusive varieties and superior selections for Manuka forestry plantations.

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Trees for Bees all abuzz about bee health

The future of the world’s food production is under threat and it’s all due to the disappearing honey bee, as across the world they succumb to pests and disease. The humble honey bee is hugely important to agriculture and farming. As pollinators, they play an essential role in fertilising plants so that they produce food.

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Floating Wetlands

Effluent Ponds are a necessary evil of Dairy Farming. 
They are a source of pollution, smell and visible unattractiveness if not managed well. Kauri Park Nurseries has developed a unique floating wetland system which can be used to remove pollutants from an effluent pond.

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