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Kauri Park is a passionate and vital partner for ‘greening’ projects across New Zealand from major civil projects, residential and commercial development plantings, wetland restoration, landscaping and farmland revegetation.

We are one of the country’s most experienced growers and wholesalers of native plants, complemented by new, exclusive varieties and superior selections for Manuka forestry plantations.

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Designing the ideal apiary site

As hive numbers climb to in excess of half a million nationally, it is becoming increasingly apparent that there is a need for good wintering/spring sites to successfully winter bees and provide sufficient forage for them to build up in the spring. The task of successful beekeeping is to build up hives in the spring to around 60,000+ bees per hive by the time the honey flow comes on usually in November or December, in order to gather a good honey crop and provide pollination services where needed. Over the last 30 years, alot of valuable bee forage has given way to intense dairy production, riparian clearance, and weed clearance of such weeds as gorse, broom and some willows.

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What is eco-sourcing?

Eco-sourcing is used during restoration or replanting projects. It is simply harvesting seeds from local vegetation for the propagation of plants to be replanted in the same ecological district in the future, to help maintain and protect the biodiversity of the native vegetation in an ecological district. The practice of eco-sourcing greatly increases the chances of native plant survival.

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